Conference Day One - Wednesday, 24 July

Registration and welcome coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair

Dr Lara Jefferson
Head of ESG
Nico Resources

Leadership strategies to elevate your team and organisation
Cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce to improve business decision making
  • Driving forward-thinking decisions and solving complex problems by actively fostering a diverse workforce
  • Developing and executing inclusion strategies to create an environment where all employees feel valued and can contribute fully
  • Working towards equitable practices to ensure fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all employees

Odette Brimblecombe
Group Manager – Workforce Resourcing
Whitehaven Coal

PANEL DISCUSSION: Delivering change and inclusion through unmatched leadership
  • What are the most effective strategies for creating a more equal and inclusive industry?
  • How can current mining leaders inspire and encourage the next generation to pursue careers in mining?
  • How can the industry better engage Indigenous peoples and integrate their knowledge and culture into their operations to drive positive outcomes?
  • What role does leadership play in fostering a supportive and safe culture that celebrates diversity while contributing to the overall success of organisations & the industry?


Tara Diamond
Deputy Chief Executive
Australian Resources and Energy Employer Association (AREEA)


Nicola Semler
Chief Technology Officer
Critical Minerals Group

Dr Claire Chakrabarti
Program Manager

Kanae Dyas
Workplace Support Manager
Anglo American

Morning tea and Networking
Just a number: a personal perspective from Helen Fitzroy OAM

Driven by the death of her husband in a West Australian mining accident, Helen Fitzroy has become a globally renowned safety advocate and author. Helen’s unique and engaging perspective will guide you to become a better and stronger leader who truly embraces safety as a core value in mining. You’ll leave prepared to prioritise the most important assets in the mining industry – yourself and your colleagues.

A recipient of the Order of Australia Medal for services to the mining industry, Helen’s powerful message has travelled the world as she’s inspired audiences at events in the US, Canada, Malaysia, South Africa and beyond.

Special Guest:

Helen Fitzroy OAM
Safety Advocate and Author

Future-proofing tomorrow’s leadership to enhance operational success & career growth
  • Developing resilient mindsets to enhance operational success and navigate unexpected challenges
  • Cultivating an innovative culture among leaders to encourage creative thinking and embracing technological advancements
  • Creating inclusive environments that prioritise safety, respect diverse perspectives, and leverage the strengths of a diverse team

Dané van Heerden
General Manager Finance and Joint Company Secretary
Aeris Resources

Unlocking the tools to deliver a successful change management initiative
  • Embracing organisational flexibility to mitigate risks from industry volatility
  • Adopting lean management principles to maximise resource utilisation
  • Investing in employee development to lead technological advancements and sustainable practices

Yaxi Zhan
Executive Director
Accelerate Resources

Lunch and networking
Mining trends impacting the industry & your role
Ensuring ESG excellence to elevate your organisation’s operational, business & ESG outcomes
  • Prioritising the adoption of environmentally sound practices to reduce the industry's environmental footprint
  • Implementing social governance strategies to contribute to societal welfare, build community trust, and support a stable operating environment
  • Upholding strong governance frameworks to align with emerging ESG principles

Kate Campbell
Head – Communications, Community and ESG Reporting

Crisis management strategies to foster organisational resilience & stability
  • Commanding from a position of authority during a crisis to uphold workforce morale and strengthen stakeholder trust
  • Safeguarding operational continuity and enhancing stability with a proactive risk assessment culture
  • Utilising crisis management skills to bolster organisational resilience amidst unexpected challenges, including during a sustainability crisis

Dr Geraldine McGuire
Environment and Community Manager
29 Metals

Bobbie Hart
Manager – Human Resources
29 Metals

Partner presentation
Managing psychosocial hazards to create a healthier, happier & more effective workforce
  • Highlighting the importance of addressing psychosocial hazards to promote a safe, healthy, and productive work environment
  • Learning how to recognise the signs of stress and fatigue to enhance the success of early intervention and prevention strategies
  • Creating enforceable policies to address bullying and workplace violence to create a culture of respect and safety

Kanae Dyas
Workplace Support Manager
Anglo American

Afternoon Tea and Networking
Champagne Roundtables

Interactive champagne roundtable discussions allow attendees to choose the topics that best align with their current or future career needs.

Discuss ideas, gain practical tips, and work through challenges faced by your peers from across the industry. You’ll have the invaluable opportunity to meet leaders across several sectors to learn how you can improve your skills while progressing your career path. This is a unique opportunity to have all your questions answered while you network and build relationships with people you otherwise may not have access to.

You will be able to choose three of the below roundtables to attend with each roundtable running concurrently over three time slots:

  • 1st round:  16:00 – 16:30
  • 2nd round:  16:30 – 17:00
  • 3rd round:  17:00 – 17:30

Roundtable 1: Navigating health & safety risks for yourself and your team

Kylie Wilson-Harris
Manager- Health, Safety, Security and Risk
Newmont Mining

Roundtable 2: Understanding and addressing the causes of labour shortages in mining

Dr Claire Chakrabarti
Program Manager

Roundtable 3: Commercialising real-world solutions to combat challenges in the mining industry

Leigh Staines
Industry Professor – Commercialisation
Sustainable Minerals Institute

Roundtable 4: Green shift: navigating the mining industry's journey towards decarbonisation and climate goals

Johanna Kennerley
Head of Sustainability and Environment
Ravenswood Gold

Roundtable 5: Managing mining operations to ensure safety, efficiency, and productivity

Tanya Cambetis

Roundtable 6: Cultivating inclusive excellence and well-being in the resources sector: Strategies for building a diverse, positive, and resilient workplace culture

Kaylene Munro
Mining Superintendent

Closing remarks from the Chair and end of Day 1
Networking Drinks
Official Event Dinner