Conference Day Two - Thursday, 25 July

Registration and welcome coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair

Dr Lara Jefferson
Head of ESG
Nico Resources

Manifesting real and long-term industry change
The essential role allies and mentors play in advancing women's career growth in mining
  • Cultivating a workplace environment where allies can actively participate in and promote diversity to increase innovation and a broader talent pool
  • Enabling allies to contribute directly to women’s’ professional development to enhance team dynamics and foster a culture of mutual growth and respect
  • Advocating for clear and equitable progression routes to ensure women have equal growth opportunities to drive organisational success and industry-wide change

Helen Degeling
Project Acquisition Manager
Cobalt Blue Holdings

PANEL DISCUSSION: How can men and other allies champion gender diversity?
  • How can collaborative leadership between men and women accelerate the adoption of inclusive policies and practices?
  • How can mentorship programs tailored to mining’s unique challenges foster gender parity and empower both men and women to become agents of change?
  • What are the most significant barriers to gender diversity and how can men and women work together to dismantle those obstacles?
  • How can we effectively measure & track the impact of shared gender responsibility initiatives?


Dr Lara Jefferson
Head of ESG
Nico Resources


Jamie Gibson
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer
Kingsgate Consolidated

Michelle Douglass
Manager– People & Training
Newmont Mining

Dr Snezana Bajic
Deputy Chief Inspector Explosives
Resources Safety & Health Queensland

Morning Tea and Networking
The road to Indigenous leadership
Enhancing Indigenous engagement and participation in the mining industry
  • Establishing a respectful and ethical basis for collaboration with local Indigenous communities
  • Developing targeted employment and training programs to provide access to a wider range of mining roles, from entry-level to senior management
  • Implementing cultural awareness training within mining companies to foster respect, understanding, workplace inclusion

Robyn Bartlett
Managing Director
rbo consulting

PANEL DISCUSSION: How can we empower Indigenous peoples to create positive social and business outcomes?
  • What unique perspectives do Indigenous leaders bring to mining and how can they be better integrated at all levels of decision-making?
  • What are some examples of Indigenous leadership leading to innovative and sustainable practices in mining operations?
  • How can the industry and Indigenous communities collaborate to ensure that leadership roles are accessible and appealing to Indigenous individuals?


Dr Lara Jefferson
Head of ESG
Nico Resources


Karina Lynch
Indigenous Women in Mining and Resources Australia (IWIMRA)

Jody Seymour
Traineeship Coordinator – Dugual River

Lunch and Networking
Building your toolkit of essential skills
Grasping the broader business landscape: learning to make impactful decisions and demonstrate visionary leadership
  • Developing a keen insight into market dynamics to predict industry change, analyse current trends, and understand key economic indicators
  • Navigating financial stewardship to allocate resources effectively, balance risk and reward, and drive long-term profitable growth
  • Setting clear objectives, identifying KPIs, and outlining actionable steps to assess ongoing progress
  • Remaining agile to adapt to changing business, market & organisational conditions

Nicola Semler
Chief Technology Officer
Critical Minerals Group

Managing psychosocial hazards to create a healthier, happier & more effective workforce
  • Highlighting the importance of addressing psychosocial hazards to promote a safe, healthy, and productive work environment
  • Learning how to recognise the signs of stress and fatigue to enhance the success of early intervention and prevention strategies
  • Creating enforceable policies to address bullying and workplace violence to create a culture of respect and safety

Kanae Dyas
Workplace Support Manager
Anglo American

Partner presentation
Afternoon Tea and Networking
Building effective negotiation and business relationship skills
  • Understanding commercial frameworks to facilitate beneficial business relationships or contracts
  • Building negotiation skills to secure favourable business outcomes while maintaining positive relationships with partners
  • Crafting strategies to maintain and enhance relationships with stakeholders throughout a business relationship or contract lifecycle

Else Bright
Regional Head of CMM Practice
World Commerce and Contracting (WCC)

Live 1-on-1: Developing analytics skills to enhance your risk management decisions
  • Understanding and gauging the various operational, financial, environmental, and reputational risks needed for a thorough risk assessment
  • Balancing risk with potential reward to ensure decisions are safe, strategically sound, and forward focused
  • Fostering an adaptable organisational culture to respond swiftly and effectively to unforeseen challenges


Dr Lara Jefferson
Head of ESG
Nico Resources

Special Guest:

Rebecca Freeman
Team Leader and Executive Risk Advisor

Closing remarks from the Chair
End of Women in Mining Summit 2024